Calung Kiwari

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Calung can Kiwari Modern Calung also called for in view of the way of presenting the show and his style. Calung Kiwari Calung an outgrowth of the show was unusual because its main waditra Calung Jingjing. Nevertheless enough people call Calung only.
In the show Calung Kiwari or Modern Calung no longer presents the songs as songs Ucing Buhun-ucingan, Tokecang, katydid, Trangtrang Kolentrang, Renggong Angle, Ahaehe and others. More Kiwari Calung presents the results of his own songs or mimic lagulagu Calung of the work group to another.
Approximately 1964 to 1966's, several employees tried to show Calung Taspen Bandung with the style and the songs are not songs Buhun. The song is at present the Sundanese song Pop, Pop Keroncong and Indonesia. Iringannya Calung Jingjing is still wearing that bertangga Pentatonic tone (Pelog and Salendro). Calung Taspen style eventually spread and develop in society. Group Calung the most prominent and somewhat mahiwal is Calung Mayangsari Group is located at Street Police Dormitory Samoja Bandung, the boss is Lieutenant ading (Alm) landing Kusna Yayat Hidayat.
In her performance, Calung Mayangsari different from the others that is in addition to presenting his own songs such as Queen's Beach, The boy and so on, players also doubles as a comedian as in {waved Calung per usual. But the style and appearance as well as in wearing clothes that do not use traditional clothing such as Kampret, Pangsi, but Totopong and Pants Cloth Gloves Horse Jockey, like Matador shirt with lace and ribbon and tie instead of shoes with high heels and 'long (such as Cowboy boots in the Western Film).
Unique style and appearance is of course invited the pros and cons of all the parties even had a journalist writing in the Daily Newspapers General Mind is a nickname Calung Rock. In 1978 on the initiative of Mr Pepe (Alm) was held Upgrading Calung Kiwari day which is housed in Building Foundation Cultural Center (YPK) on JI. Naripan Bandung with Calung attended the tenants and community leaders in West Java.
Upgrading is a speaker in the Drs. Nana Darmana. Koko Koswara (Mang Koko, Alm) and Mr. Pepe (Alm). The trainers are the average of the history and existence menjeiaskan Calung. Mang Koko said: "Utah cul dogdog live Igel". On the evening of upgrading the display group who got the nickname calung Mayangsari Calung Rock Matadornya Iengkap with style dress.
The audience is mostly regional representatives surprised to see it before presenting the songs of his own in the open with the song Hymns and Rajah.
Although even in its presentation Calung Group Mayangsari unique look, but when following Calung Pasanggiri still use the traditional fashion, even had won a first prize Pasanggiri Calung Bandung municipality in 1975 and in 1978 became the first champion Pasanggiri Calung Provincial.
In the village lodge door Banjaran Town Village District of Bandung Regency Banjaran ever Calung Mas Group leader Mrs Popon. Popon. In addition to other waditra Calung Jingjing in use that is Kendang and Goong is equipped with 2 pieces of the Gambang Awi pertunjukkanya in percussion while standing. The shape of this Gambang in devices such as Gambang Arumba but more simple.
Calung Kiwari now grow even more because in addition to Calung Jingjing, Kendang and Goong as its main waditra Puia is equipped with such musical aiat Remo (small Bongo consisting of four pieces), tambourine, Symbal calung even some groups that complement with tools such eletrik Electone , organ or guitar. The song is in addition to the songs bring Pop Sunda bertangga Pentatonic tone also songs that bertangga jagu Dangdut diatonic tones. Jokes at present in particular played by comedian than as a distraction may give time to break it to the player Calung.
Singer in addition Calung Men (wiraswara) is also widely known that the famous Messiah Calung Sekar both in Rural and Urban. Sekar famous interpreter in the show include Yetti Calungnya Syarifah, Deti Kurnia, Sany Addis, Addis Yuyun (now teaching in SMK 10 Bandung) and Mimin Mintarsih. There is also the composer of songs such Calung Hendarto Uko, Tono Adiwidjaya, Ambi Sumarya (Adhoet Afero), Ade Sofyan, Rahmat Dipradjja (Broadcaster and Radio Garuda spokesman Single Story and now moved to Radio Sangkuriang), Yayat Kusna Hidayat and Youdhaswara.
There are also several group Calung recorded and was developed in the community. From the city of Bandung in between GC. Questa, GC. Layungsari, GC. Mayangsari, GC. Megasari, LS. Faithful Son, LS. Mitrapenka, GC. Dialoka, GC. Princess Echoes Sukapura (Mrs. Dharma Wanita Mobile Brigade, Sukajadi Bandung), GC. Dayasari etc.. After the 1970's until now many emerging as well Calung Group in each region in Tatar Sunda even down to Lampung South Sumatera. Average in the show is no longer present but the songs Buhun influenced by others such as the Dangdut music and Pop.
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