Dogdog Lojor (Limbangan)

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The only device in the area Dogdog Lojor Priangan is in Limbangan. Arts Dogdog this Lojor since 1900 in rural villages Sukadana Sub BL. Limbangan Garut regency by a resident of the village named Mr. Abdul.

According to the story Dogdog Lojor term was created in because waditra or tools in the form Dogdog use made of tree length jambe (nut), and is equipped by a Angklung and Kohkol to further enliven the atmosphere.

This art by local residents at the time of belief in talking to appeal to the Almighty to send down rain in the dry season when the moment arrives long, while they bathe a cat and in accompanied by this art while at the wine in a gang. But now this art is only a mere means of entertainment either individually or on special event days National.

Around the 1930's, Mr. Abdul passed away and continue this art by his son, Mr Aaron (80 yrs) until now.

Lojor dogdog Arts is supported by 8 players including

- 2 (two) org Angklung player

- 3 (three) players Dogdog org Length (Lojor)

- 2 (two) players Kohkol org

- 1 (one) org Keprak players as Complement.

Old shows are on average 1 to 2 hours when the show to the public, but can shorten the time when the per tinjukkan for National events such as HUT - RI etc..

While fashions in wearing the shirt Takwa, pants and Totopong Sontog.

Similarly, a brief description of art Dogdog Lojor in the region Sukadana village district. BL. Limbangan Kab. Garut, according to I. Kusnadi, inspectors Cultural District Kandepdikbud Limbangan.

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