Gamelan Awi

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Gamelan Awi as the development of Calung Renteng, was born also Gamelan Awi device, which consists of several Gambang bamboo in various sizes, as well as bamboo xylophone sounds with a variety of high and low tones, as well as sections on the set like a hornet tabuhnya gamelan. Tabuhnya any way similar to the style of percussion in the gamelan percussion such as cars Bonang, Saron, Gambang, Kenong and kempul and Goong but some are sounded by bringing his own style of percussion at the lau. Framework (kakanco) for placing the bamboo slats have made ​​of carved wood.
Barreled salendro, some are barreled gamelan. His songs barreled salendro and gamelan. Gamelan Awi new limited in Bandung, because it is still new.
Before the era of Japan, at the Tanjung Sari Gamelan there is such Awi Salentrong named. But after Japan's defeat in the fuel Salentrong, so Saintrong has been destroyed at the time of Indonesia Merdeka.
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