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Genggong art contained in the District of Sumedang taken from a name Swamp genggong (Ranca genggong) that if the running board will sway.
This type of art deifying a tin that if the shake will issue a rhythm sounds that are customized with the creations of the players.
In the swamps genggong lot of wildlife such as frogs, bancet and so on. The art consists of several tools that sound similar to the sound of frogs and bancet.
Genggong name taken from the name of the Crickets genggong animal that is considered by those who Crickets Crickets most superior of the other, and also had a melodious voice.
With all the citizens of Karang Taruna TUPAS courage in creating this art can not manifest a new creation of such genggong.
This art is as popular entertainment that can be in pentaskan in welcoming the historic days, for instance anniversary of independence of Indonesia and the ceremony helaran, Halal Bihalal. and so forth.
While the equipment is in use along with the players consist of:
- 1 (one) Bamboo flute,
- 2 (two) bush Bamboo Tubes,
- 1 (one) set of drum and Kulanter,
- 2 (two) pieces Kohkol regulator of tone,
- 5 (five) pieces zither,
- 4 (four) pieces keprak,
- 2 (two) pieces Kesrek,
- 4 (four) pieces Kokor of Bamboo,
- 1 (one) set of Angklung Beans,
- 1 (one) set dogdog, a set Genjring (Rebana),
- 1 (one) Gambang,
- 6 (six) sets of Shell shell,
- 6 (six) pieces Sapulidi,
- 4 (four) Inside Savior.
Similarly, a brief description of the arts in the region genggong Sumedang District, according to records Kandepdikbud Cultural District Overseer Cianjur City, Cianjur.
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