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Lodang contained in the District Brass in use as a supplement to accompany the performances Sintren wasps. Pergunakannya waditra which consists of: Goong Goong Buyung or Lodong, keprak and Kentung, plus some fruit Lodang.
Lodang sounding way of the base on Tap to the floor or ground or dad bearing rather thick boards. Such as Beep Lodang formation rank songs, as well as a regulator of rhythmic percussion accompaniment Sintren singer.
The wasp continued to ring Sintren accompany players who are in confinement until the confinement is issued by Punduh (Sintren leader).
Lodang available in the district Brass quite different from that contained in Ujung Lodang Berung Bandung regency. Waditranya almost similar performances Calung Jingjing. Ie 1 (one) set Kendang, 1 (one) set Goong is equipped with 4 (four) pieces Tongtong namely: unity Tongtong measuring 60 cm, 75 cm-sized Tongtong second, third Tongtong measuring 90 cm and 105 cm-sized fourth Tongtong. Kohkol Lodang plus the two (2) bush. Kohkol Lodang to a size of 50 cm and Kohkol Lodang both measuring 65 cm. Also is equipped with 1 (one) Tingtung, consisting of 4 (four) pieces wilahan. 4 (four) wilahan in suspension into 2 (two) pieces hanger.
Barrel in the barrel Salendro pergunakannya namely, the usual song song by children of whom recite songs Ucingucingan, Oyong-squash Bangkong, Cingcangkeling and so forth.
In addition to the present on the stage, this Lodang Art occasionally in use as a complementary counterpoint circumcision or child helaran helaran Feast Village.
§ Development of eni Lodang in Bandung Regency is somewhat reduced because excluded by performing arts Iainnya Calung or a manifold in the community.
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