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Mubadah comes from the Bamboo Music Qasidah, located in Jakarta and surrounding areas. But in its development spread to Pandeglang and Bandung.
Waditra he used consisted of:
- Gambang Awi as a counterpoint
- A set of Angklung as a carrier of the song
- Goong Bass Lodong as some pieces are composed of various sizes
Mubadah performing arts is an outgrowth of the performances Qasidah who sang Islamic songs that accompanied the device Gamelan Awi. This art peertama appeared in the Banten area famous for its diverse music and Qasidahan Angklungnya which is also very popular in the community in Banten region.
The combination of music presented by the wasps of the Gamelan Awi with Islamic songs dardi Qasidahan performances, make this show more interesting and pervasive in the hearts of his audience. In subsequent developments, Mubadah contained in the Pandeglang add another percussion instrument like Bedug with small size, so the show more lively and interesting. The songs are at present include:
- Yugan Qabla Maulidi:
Yaa Rabbi Shalli Ala Muhammad
Yaa Rabbi Shalli Blessings of Allaah
Yaa Rabbi Ballighul Wassilah
Yaa Rabbi Lent Khush Billdilah
- Maulidil Barjanji
Another with Edge Berung contained in Bandung regency, performer Mubadah like this. But the tool is different and consists of tabuhnya Terebang, Kohkol and Angklung. The songs are presented is a breath syaimya Islam. This music was featured in Building Independence in the opening ceremony and opening Sundanologi. Because waditranya consists of Terebang. Kohkol and Angklung, then for this art is called Bangkolung.

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