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Art Ringkung contained in Kadu Ketug, Kab. Attack and Ujung Berung Bandung regency, similar to bamboo Qasidah Mubadah the music, because there are among the tools tabuhnya percussion instrument which is used in the show Qasidah, Tagoni or Gambusan.
The presentation is a blend of music Ringkung Genjring with Angklung music. Angklung Angklung is commonly employed the beans are commonly used in ceremonies Ngaseuk, Ngalage and as a complement to the show dogdog lojor or Badeng.
Waditra Ringkung used in the
- Large or Rebana Rebana Biang
- Rebana Ketimpring
- Genjring, ie the edges of small Rebana mounted flat metal that is similar to hundreds of coins
- A set of Angklung Beans
The songs are presented is different from other performances that uses Frame drums or Terebang. In the show does not present Ringkung Islamic songs like Shalawat, Bisahri or Nadoman. Ringkung presents local folk songs such as songs Honje Boros, Dongdoman, etc. Kaliage. Examples of wasteful Honje lyrics are as follows:
Ala ala ieung ieung
Boros Honje bareuh beuteung
Ala ala ieung ieung
Cawena shelf ngadaweng
Ala ala ija ija
Boros Honje tulak reinforcements
Ala ala ija ija
Cawene aya nu catering
In addition to presenting the songs, also presented as in Kadu Ketug gendingan District. Attack, used to menginngi Ceremony Nginebkeun (store grain to the barn). In contrast to that done at the End Berung, Ringkung used to accompany performances Benjang and Benjangnya own mask.
Address: kadu Ketug, Kab. Attack and Edge Berung Regency Bandung
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