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Salentrong contained in Bandung Regency as Awi Gamelan is contained in the District of Sumedang, Angklung Calung or located in certain areas in the Tatar Sunda. Salentrong is traditional music that uses materials such as bamboo Temen Awi, Awi Awi Wulung and Tali. He uses Salendro barrel.
using waditra consist of:
- One device calung Gambang consisting of 16 rods or wilahan
- One device calung Jenglong consisting of 6 wilahan
- A fruit or Goong Goong Awi tube
- The Big Two drums of fruit or kulanter ketipung
The song was presented as follows:
- Cindung China (caina Goon Cing Menta / Try My mother asked for water).
- Interest cucumber (similar lagulagu Sunda barreled diiringo Sorog but wasps are barreled Salendro).
- Ilo-ILO Gondang, like a song that describes the activities in the fields when the rice harvest arrives.
It has been mentioned earlier that one waditra it uses the same Calung Gamelan Gambang Awi, in addition to some standard shelf or wilahannya Calung Gambang ditiir dideretkan on the rope (the rope into the hole dioasukan wilahan). Calung similar to a string or Calung Calung Runtuy located in certain areas in the Tatar Sunda. The second rope is in wilahan longest tied to a tree or pole and end of a short rope tied to the body. Menabuhnya way is to use the same shelf with the beat Gambang Gambang found on other devices. Music Calung Gambang tied to a tree and beaten body and Calung string.
Waditra calung Gambang until the 1970's is still owned by the art environment "Sunda Medal" Mama Sukma leader whose address is in Kampung Cileutik, Banjaran City Village, district. Banjaran Bandung regency.

Address: kadu Ketug, Serang regency, and Edge Berung, Bandung regency 
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