Lembah Putri Beach

01-12-2015 Pangandaran District 27223 viewed


Coast Valley offers for your daughter is very beautiful natural panorama. From the height of the hill there, you can see the charm of a vast expanse of ocean with the waves Ocean Indonesia surge comes without stopping.
Other interesting things include walls resemble miniature Chinese wall built on the hills of the Valley Princess, some interesting natural caves, panoramic view of green hills, and broken rock from the hills around the beach which further adds to the beauty of the landscape in this coastal region as a whole. Here you can perform a variety of sporting activities such as hang gliding, fishing, and camping.

Location: Village Ciputrapinggan, District Kalipucang
Coordinates: 7 40 '36 "S, 108 41' 22" E
Phone: 0265 771421
Directions: 85km from the city to the south Ciamis
Opening Hours:
More Information: Department of Culture and Tourism Ciamis District
Jl. Mr. Iwa Kusumasumantri no. Ciamis 14 46 213


photo by : Agus Bebeng

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