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Watch Celempungan performances on special occasions such as salvation circumcision celebration, wedding or party state, as well as other important ceremonies. The presentation of such performances Celempungan Kiliningan or gamelan. Besides waditranya made ​​of bamboo (awi Gombong / large bamboo), also added two Kacapi (Kacapi Indung and Kacapi Child), fiddle, Tarawangsa, sometimes flute or Buyung Goong (Goong Sit or Komodong), and Goong Angkog. His songs were like the songs on the gamelan Salendro / Pelog (Kiliningan or Degung).
Bamboo Gombong or certain types of wood in diameter between 20 cm and a length of 40 cm. The tube ends in the upper lid (beungeut or face) lies two strings are made ​​of wicker or something. Both of these strings is connected by Sumbi, namely a piece of wood measuring 1 x3x5 cm, which is placed on nawa (holes in the face of zither). At the edge of one wall of the tube in the zither also give the hole as a regulator or processing sound. As penegang or fasteners strings at the end of the tube is placed intercropping or host that is as a regulator of tone. This serves as a drum plop on Celempungan. As with any function or Degung Kendang on Kiliningan kawih.
The term zither itself, or Ciblon, an imitation of the sound of water splashing from some village girls when bathing in the river or stream.
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