Kliningan Tanji

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Tanji Kiliningan Tanjidor similar to, but the spectacle included a set of gamelan Salendro, namely devices commonly used in gamelan performances Kiliningan. Therefore, this art is called Kiliningan Tanji, that is a mix between wasp Tanjidor with Gamelan Salendro (Kiliningan).
Waditra are in use in the Pliston Kiliningan Tanji, Trombone, Violin (Piul). While from Kiliningan Waditra that the use of Bonang Bonang Large and Small, a set of drums, a set of gongs, kecrek, and jenglong.
In her performance, you'll see some people Pesinden or female vocalist. Song-Iagu Gaplek presented, among others, Fruit Kawung, Ande-ande Lumut, violet. Some songs are usually sung in the show added Tanjidor. In addition to displaying Iagu-Iagu, also featured a dance or dancing which is called Japlin or Japin.
In its development, in addition performed on stage, sometimes in the art include circumcision or Seserahan Helaran Children at the wedding. Tanji Kiliningan is growing and spreading in the surrounding areas Bekasi, Purwakarta district, Cirebon regency, Indramayu district, and the town of Cirebon.
Location: Regency of Bekasi and Karawang regency
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