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Enchantment Kemprongan performances coming from the north coast is always held after the harvest. In the evening, performances Kemprongan held until midnight or before dawn. Implementation of the performances carried out in the open field or arena is surrounded by trees. Typically, the light used to illuminate the show comes from Oncor stored in the middle of the field.
Interesting things that you can try this art from the show, especially when you still own, is the place to find a mate. Most Ronggeng the dancing was a girl or a widow. Therefore, the Ronggeng required to dance with the good in order to attract potential mates dancing. On the other hand, the male dancer from the audience must be good at dancing but also must have the martial arts and mysticism (magical) to defend him when there was a commotion in the arena, but should be able to captivate the Ronggeng and dare to be responsible in case of trouble.
Location: Ciawigebang, Sidareja and around Luragung
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