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Samrah is one of the Betawi traditional art form which is the development of the orchestra harmonium. In the Dutch era, harmonium more famous than the violin. Harmonium known to the Middle East, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Malay music in Sumatra, Malaysia, Borneo, and so forth.
Intsrumen consists of Harmonium Harmonium, Violin, Ketipung, Guitar, and Rebana which functions as a regulator of rhythm.
Because of the influence of immigrants, from Arab, India, Bali, and so on, harmonium develop into Samrah. This is of course related to the spread of Islam in Indonesia. Through visits ¬ visits, they were treated to musical entertainment in the form of dancing and singing. Dance performed by using the Islamic dress code (Gamis), from which Samrah began to grow and spread.
The waditra that is used in the harmonium Foot Samrah, two bush Guitar, Violin, Kendang and Rebana. However, people basically wear clapping as accompaniment to the dance music Samrah. Art Samrah often on display in a celebration feast circumcision, marriage or on special occasions such as the Birthday of Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Samrah art is usually sung by several people and is generally done by six men, who carried out alternately.
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