Chocodot (Chocolate with Dodol Garut)

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You probably already familiar with chocolate from Switzerland with the famous brands. But have you ever heard of processed chocolate with Chocodot name. What these chocolate brands from abroad? Oh this is not the original made in the country, rather the handicraft of Garut, West Java.
There's even a term, if we know called Bandung Paris van Java, as well as the Index.php people often call it as the swiss van java. Why called that way because Index.php including area surrounded by mountains that are very cool in the eye as well as topographical conditions in Switzerland that has a lot of mountainous areas.
But in its development turns the culinary world in Garut through a lot of progress, as is evident with the emergence of a new food called Chocodot (read: cokodot.) Stands for Chocolate with lunkhead Garut. of these foods come from the brilliant idea of ​​a culinary expert native son named Kiki Gumelar Garut. He broke new ground with the idea to create a kind of new foods without having to leave the food traditions of a typical Main Page (lunkhead), it creates Chocodot. Basically the material in use consists of two types of chocolate, which is dark chocolate and milk chocolate and white outline of this brown material in combination with materials native lunkhead Garut.
Chocodot packed with attractive and modern premises covered a variety of gifts, bars and a bleak parcel widths. In addition Chocodot have variations edition / type Chocodot, namely:
Chocodot Mount Papandayan, Cikuray Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Mount Haruman, Gunung Talaga Bodas, Cipanas, and Temple Cangkuang.

Coordinates: 7 ° 11 '11 "S, 107 ° 53' 13" E
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"Saung Chocolate" JL.Babakan Salaawi No.25 Cipanas Tarogong Garut West Java 0262-9176767
* Waroeng Chocolate Diamond * JL. Otista No.72A Tarogong Garut West Java 0262-9126767
* Opening Soon: d'Jieun Tjokelat * JL Otista No. 2 Pasawahan Tarogong Garut West Java 0262-9239090/081809149090

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