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A glimpse of the Museum
Subang Regional Museum which was inaugurated by the Department of Culture and Tourism Subang Regency on March 14, 2003. Using a portion of the room Building Work Pensions which is one of the existing heritage objects in Subang district.
Subang Regency is one of the areas inhabited by humans on an ongoing basis starting from the prehistoric era, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic influence through colonial. In an effort to preserve the values ​​of history and culture in Subang district, local government felt compelled to establish the Regional Museum. The establishment of the museum is considered necessary in connection with the many findings of the remains of archaeological, historical and traditional values ​​in Subang district is still untouched.
Museum Collection
Subang Regional Museum collection has about 170 collections. The collection is generally obtained from the results of research collaboration team of archaeologists with the Department of Culture and Tourism of Subang district and surrounding communities. Judging from the classification of the collection, Subang Regional Museum consists of 9 classification, namely Geologika, Arkeologika, Biologika, Etnologika, Historika, Numismatika, Keramologika, Fine Arts and Teknologika. Collections are arranged and displayed on a continuous story line starting from the prehistoric era, Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, colonial to the present. The groove arrangement, as follows:
Prehistoric Age: the scapula fragments (stegodon), skull Cervus (deer ancient), fossil coral, horn fragments Bos (ancient buffalo), arm bone pig (Suidae), impact ax, ax neolithic era pickaxes, hatchets time perundagian funnel, .
Hindu Buddhist era (Classical); statue of Nandi (bull), beads, bowls of the Ming Dynasty china 17th century AD, Myanmar jars of the 18th century AD, the Chinese kettle of the 20th century AD, the water filters in Europe (German-century to 19-20 AD).
Age of Islam: Qur'an with media skins, Mataram dagger worn by soldiers of Sultan Agung.
Colonial era: money ever applicable VOC era in Indonesia, pistols, PW Hoflan and wife sculpture, clothing Deman Star or Tanu Direja Raden, Lieutenant General Hitoshi Imamura photos.
Age of Revolution Independence: Photos from the start Falkirk East regent until the Subang Regency (1948-2003).
Location: Road No. Ade Irma Suryani Nasution. 2 Subang
Coordinates: 6°34'16.5162''S 107°45'28.7201''E
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