Modern harps

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At first Kacapi Modern is the nickname for the lute, arranged in the diatonic scales and play songs that the music bertangga diatonic tones. Style wasp on Modem lyre was originally only played the song (Melodie - Line), but later evolved in the presence or Kendangan Tabuh Bass.
Waditra used the lyre Sitter without electrical or installed. In addition there are also Kendang and Goong Flute and Rebab, but there are non Sunda puta waditra like a tambourine, Bongo (Tomtam) and is sometimes added to the organ or guitar and violin.
Songs that are offered in addition to track-tagu Sundanese, there are also songs that berskata Pop Sunda diatonic. Therefore, the barrel is used setain Petog, Salendro or Sorog (Pentatonic) also used the ladder to even diatonic Dangdut songs. There are also jokes as well as on the lute Jenaka.

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