Lute Tembang

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Lute Tembang there almost every area in Tatar Sunda. In addition called the lyre Tembang there is also a call with the lyre Boat
because the shape is similar to a boat or ship screen, but there is also a call lyre because both ends coiled coil. This harp made of wood dad options such as Mahogany wood, Kananga or even antique Jamuju and shape, exciting and beautiful to look at.
Tembang harp consists of
- lyre Goon large size and in front there is Pureut made of wood. Bight end of the lyre to the left of the coil end Iebih lute right.
- lyre rincik smaller and shorter than the lyre Goon, Pureutnya found on the right end of the lute and harp on the left edge Iebih gelungnya short.
Goon harp made of wood or golondongan guluntungan that dibobok like a hole in Dimples and basically given a long hole. Thereon covered with wooden boards and the boards there are wires stretched. The other end of the wire inserted into the eye holes on the Ducks and then digulungkan so with wood pureut
the other end of the wire is attached to the end of the harp
the right. Pureut serves as a regulator of tone, to harmonize or menyurupkan. At the lyre rincik same material used lyre Goon, but pureutnya made of iron and placed on the right harp, its function is similar to the lyre pureut Goon. In her performance, lyre Goon equipped with such other waditra Flute Length or Rebab. Aside from being a percussion instrument to accompany Pantun Sunda, is also often used to accompany Tembang Sunda, Celempungan, Setra Karesmen, Gending Karesmen or ballet. Also often used to accompany the event Ngaras, Siraman and Ngeuyeuk Seureuh at weddings, events and spray on Gusaran Tingkeban and entertainment in celebration of another.

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