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Site Batujaya administratively located in the two villages and two districts, the Village Segaran (Batujaya District) and Village Telagajaya (District Pakisjaya) Khanewal district.
A glimpse of Museum:
Museum building was originally intended as a Building Site Batujaya Rescue Khanewal district that was built from 2002 to 2004 and the Arrangement of 2 years (2005-2006). But then attempted to be developed as a museum, though still within the minimum standards until finally inaugurated in 2006 by Denny Setiawan Oktoper, Governor of West Java Province.
Site management responsibility museum is located at Hall Manager UPTD Archaeological, Historical and Traditional Values, Culture and Tourism Office of West Java province with Attack of Archaeological Heritage Preservation Hall.
The establishment of the museum refers to the vision of "Being a center of documentation, information, learning and research facilities, as well as cultural tourism mainstay in the Falkirk area" and a mission: "Saving by collecting, preserving, and communicating objects of cultural relics found at the Site Batujaya to the wider community "with the following objectives: to inform and disseminate research results to the wider community of experts on site with the aim to broaden and enhance the appreciation of visitors to the cultural history of the past in this area, as well as invited experts who are interested want to uncover some" mystery "that has not been revealed through his research.
In the area there are more than 29 Batujaya ruins of brick buildings spread over an area of ​​5 km2 area of ​​the Site. The site area Batujaya first discovered in 1984 by Tim Department of Archaeology, University of Indonesia. Furthermore intensively conducted Batujaya Site Museum Collection
The collection consists of a collection of material evidence of man or the environment related to the Site Area enshrinement Batujaya the Buddhistic background and the background Site Cibuaya Hinduistik. Collections amounted to 165 pieces, consisting of finding artifacts from the site and some of the Site Batujaya Cibuaya. Collection on display in the form of ceramics, Votive tablets, amulets, brick-profile, key brick, brick stamped foot, inscribed bricks, bricks from the arrangement of the stupa, broken glass, manic-beads, statues, cannons, pieces of wood, human skeletons, pottery (type buni ). Besides, it also exhibited beberpa book to review the study and handling Batujaya Site. Museum Batujaya this site to store and simultaneously exhibit artefaktual findings. Collection is on display in this museum totaled 176 + pieces of ceramic artifacts, pottery, animal bones and plant fossils, replicas of statues of human heads and animals, glass beads and clay (terracotta), various forms of brick. It also exhibited the books that contain archaeological sites Batujaya.
Location: Batujaya
Coordinates: 6 ° 3'8 .3081''S 107 ° 9'9 .275''E
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