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A glimpse of the Museum
Museum of Asian-African Conference (KAA) or Building Independence is the Museum of Political History of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia is located at the Merdeka Building in Bandung. Building used as a museum exhibit space layout was built in 1940 by architect AF Aalbers Moderism architectural style with Art Deco Influences. While Freedom House, built for the first time in 1895 and subsequently in a row in 1920 and 1928 the building was renovated to become the building in its present form. This building was designed by Dutch architect named two Gallen VAN LAST and CP. WOLFT Schoemaker, Professor at Hogeschool Techniche or ITB now. In this building the Asian-African Conference held on 18 to 24 April 1955.
Establishment of Museum of KAA was the brainchild and initiative of Prof.. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmaja, SH., LL.M. As Foreign Minister (1978-1988) and he often came face to face dialogue with leaders of Asian and African Countries and Peoples. On the occasion, he often get questions about the Building Independence and the city of Bandung. Many times the conversation ends with a statement of their desire to be able to visit the city of Bandung and Freedom House. Inspired by this, then comes the idea to capture the Asian-African Conference (KAA) in 1955 as the biggest milestone in the success of Indonesia's foreign policy. Soul, spirit and influence of KAA has spread throughout the world, especially Asia-Africa Earth, so they want a place to hold nostalgic visit. The idea was actualized in the form of establishment of the Museum KAA at Merdeka Building in Bandung. So on the occasion of Forum Committee Meeting Warning KAA 25 years in 1980 which was attended by Director General of Culture Prof. Dr. Haryati Soebadio as the representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture, dilontarkanlah idea of ​​founding the museum. The idea is to obtain good reception, especially from the Republic of Indonesia President Suharto. Since then, one of the activities of the Committee Warnings 25 years the Asian-African Conference is to realize the plan.
The idea of ​​founding a museum later embodied by Joop Ave, as Chief Executive of the Committee for 25 years KAA Warning and Director General of Protocol and Consular Affairs (1980-1982), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Deppen, West Java Provincial Government and the University of Padjadjaran. Planning and technical implementation carried out by PT. Decenta Bandung. KAA Museum was inaugurated by President Soehato on April 24, 1980, as the peak Warning 25 of KAA.
Purpose of establishing a Museum of KAA, encapsulated in the sentence points as follows:
   1. Presenting relics, information relating to the KAA, including background, the development of the conference, social, cultural, and the role of Asian-African nations, especially the Indonesian nation in world politics and the life;
   2. Collecting, processing, and presenting books, magazines, newspapers, manuscripts, documents, and other publications containing descriptions and information about the activities and role of Asian-African nations and developing countries in world politics and social and cultural life these countries;
   3. Conducting research on the problems Asian and African developing countries to support educational activities and scientific research among students, college students, faculty, and youth Indonesia and African nations of Asia in general, and give input for government policy in any political activity outside the country;
   4. Support efforts in the framework of national cultural development, youth education, and increased tourism;
   5. Supporting efforts to create mutual understanding and unity of opinion and to increase the volume of cooperation between the peoples of Asia Africa and other nations in the world.
   6. Through collections and facilities it has, such as: R. Head of Museums, R. Administrative, R. Library, Souvenir Shop, R. Exhibitions, R. Collection, Warehouse Collections, R. Temporary Exhibition, Lobby, R. Audiovisual, mosque, and toilets, manager of the Museum KAA, trying to realize his determination to serve guests as possible in accordance with the expectations coming into the museum.
   7. In the framework of the Asian-African Summit 2005 and the 50th Anniversary of KAA in 1955 which took place on 22-24 April 2005, arranging exhibition KAA renovated museum on the initiative of Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. N. Hasan Wirajuda. Realignment of the museum was held in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Secretariat of State and Government of West Java Province. While the Planning and Implementation of the technical work by Vico Design and Wika Realty.
Museum Collection
Africa Asia Museum's collection amounted to 4000 units.
The settings are grouped into two parts, namely:
a. Collection of three-dimensional objects:
    * Atmosphere Opening Session of the Asian-African Conference on Building Independence 18 April 1955
    * Rattan chairs occupied by the delegates when conducting meetings to lobby and fostering friendship
    * The camera, typewriter and telex machines used during the conference
    * Issue stamps associated with the Asian-African Conference
b. Photo gallery about: Building independence from time to time
History of Asian-African Conference which describes the atmosphere of the international community prior to implementation of the conference, preliminary conferences, preparation and implementation as well as showing atmosphere of the conference on the development of the international world.

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