Dogdog Lojor

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The only device in the area dogdog lojor Preanger is in Limbangan. Art dogdog lojor there since 1900 and was created by a resident of the village The named Mr. Abdul and forwarded by keturunanya.
The term was created dogdog stick in because waditra or tools in the form dogdog use made ​​of tree length jambe (nut), and is equipped by an Angklung and Kohkol to further enliven the atmosphere.
This art according to trust the locals meant to appeal to the Almighty to send down rain in the dry season when the moment arrives long, while they bathe a cat and is accompanied by the art of wine while in a gang. But now this art is only a mere means of entertainment either individually or in the event show the days of National.
Art dogdog lojor is supported by eight players, among others
- 2 (two) players Angklung org
- 3 (three) players dogdog org Length (lojor)
- 2 (two) players Kohkol org
- 1 (one) as a Supplementary org keprak player.
This show long on average 1-2 hours when the show to the public, but can shorten the time if there are national performance.
While wearing the clothes in the clothes Takwa, pants and Totopong Sontog.
Location: Kampung Sukadana, Limbangan district, Garut Regency.
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