Tourism Citumang

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For you fans of exciting and challenging adventure, attraction Citumang may be an option. The uniqueness of Citumang is the flow of the river coming out of a cave that dropped form the waterfall (the waterfall). But behind the waterfall there is a cave that was quite long and located just below the surface of the river above it. Whereas the same water source, is derived from the cave in the upstream. So the ride (on top), which comes from the word cai (water) and overlap (on it). However, people prefer to use words rather than Citumpang Citumang.
Water flow along the travel route Citumang will start your adventure, with an unspoiled natural conditions with very clear water, making the adventure here is different from the other attractions.
The visitors will also be invited to break through the coral caves and a large tree roots and rocks are unique to the waterfall where there is the cave. Activities that can be done, among others, swimming and rock climbing.

Location: RPH Cisaladah, BKPH Pangandaran, Ciamis KPH (Village District Bojong Parigi)
Coordinates: 7 ° 38.933 'S 108 ° 32.279' E
Phone: 0265 771421
Opening Hours:
More Information: Department of Culture and Tourism Ciamis District, Jl. Mr. Iwa Kusumasumantri No. Ciamis 14 46 213

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