Geology Museum

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Geological Museum is situated not far from the Sate House and still be in one area historic buildings. Building located at Jalan Diponegoro No. side. 57, which belong to the Village Cihaurgeulis, District small hole. Geographically located at the coordinates 06 º 54'03, 3 "latitude and 107 º 37'16, 9" BT. and around the building now has a lot of standing office buildings, residential, and shopping. To achieve this relatively easily by road in good condition, using a personal vehicle wheel 4 or 2 or ride public transportation (Bus / public transportation) that passes through the area is relatively large.

This museum was built in 1928 the Colonial Government of the Netherlands East Indies, by the architect WNALDA VAN SCHOLTWENBURG, and inaugurated on May 16, 1929 to coincide with Congress Science Pacific IV as in Bandung. Aside from being a museum, also functioned as a laboratory of geology, and until now its use remains the same according to its function and is managed by the Museum of Geology / Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, with extensive buildings and spacious m² ± 3617.08 ± 8342.52 m² area. Museum adjacent to the building, on the north: The road Surapati, east: RRI Building, south: Diponegoro Street, west: Road Sentot Alibasa.
Geology of the building has an art deco style of architecture with a very strong horizontal impression. Consisting of two floors with a direction toward the south (Road Surapati). The museum is at first very simple so it can be said to resemble a collection of documentation space. Later renovations have been done in 1993 because the increasing number of collections gathered from the results of geological studies Indonesia that started since 1850, so it takes a special place to store and display to the public. And the increasing number of visitors who need information of geological sciences, especially school and university students. Geological museum renovation of business with the government of Indonesia and the Japanese government in 1998 sd July 2000 and inaugurated on August 22, 2000 by Vice President Megawati Sukarnoputri in conjunction with the International Symposium on Geology Museum.
Museum of Geology has an area of ​​8342.52 ± m², with an area of ​​3617.08 ± m² building. The museum building adjacent to the North: Road Surapati, East: Building Dwiwarna, South: Diponegoro Street, West: Road Sentot Alibasya. Geology Museum collection consists of rocks and minerals ± 250,000, a collection of fossils and other fruit ± 60 000. Geological Museum is the largest museum collection in Southeast Asia.
Museum of Geology has now become the object of cultural tourism (geology) a relatively crowded by the students and the community, on weekdays and holidays both in Jakarta and outside Jakarta.
Location: Jalan Diponegoro No.. 57, Village Cihaurgeulis, District small hole
Coordinates: 06 º 54'03, 3 "S, 107 º 37'16, 9" E
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Directions: go through the public transport department Cicaheum-Plumbing, Cicaheum-Ciwastra, Riung-Dago Bandung, a city bus-Jatinangor Dipatikur.
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Can be passed by public transport department Cicaheum-plumbing, Cicaheum-ciwastra, Riung-dago bandung, city bus-Jatinangor Dipati Ukur.

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