Museum Tambaksari, Ciamis District

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Ds. Tambaksari, Kec. Tambaksari Kab. Ciamis

Museum Overview

Establishment of Site Museums Tambaksari fossil came from a number of findings derived from this region. Tambaksari is a small village in Ciamis regency, West Java. The story of finding fossils of countless in the area previously was by chance. Not by archaeologists or other researchers, but was discovered by a group of secondary school pupils Affairs (SMP) Tambaksari led Darwa Hardiya Ruhyana, a teacher of Natural Science (IPA).

The first fossil was found by a student named Yayat Suryati, a large piece of ancient animal teeth are estimated to live between one-two million years ago. The school store hundreds or perhaps thousands of vertebrate fossils, mammals, and mollusks. There are fossil Proximal tibia (shin base of an ancient elephant), Astragalus (bone tumir I), Molat (M) or molar, distal humerus (arm bone ends), Sp Stegodon (ancient elephant), and more. In fact, because so many, the fossils are never littered the floor, laboratory table, and partly stored in sacks.

To rescue the fossil, the various parties trying to help provide storage of collections, including the Museum of Geology in 1996, following the National School of Technology (STTN), Yogyakarta, Bandung Institute for Archaeology, Geology Development Center, who was then working with the University of Tennessee and the University Alabama, United States.

Tambaksari considered a potential site, as a place of finding fossils of ancient animals, especially in areas located in Kasang Urug. To rescue efforts and finding fossils of storage, the Ciamis District Government in early 2001 took the initiative to build the museum site, called the Preservation of Objects of Cultural Building Tambaksari. To pentaan collection, assisted by the Provincial Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province.

Museum Collections
Collection stored at the Museum Tambaksari Site consists of (1) Fossil Horses Animals Nile (fossil ribs, the fossil joints, jaw fossil, fossil teeth, fossil tusks), (2) Gajag Ancient Animal Fossils (fossil vertebrae, the fossil skull behind, fossil rear legs, rear jaw fossil, fossil tooth rear, and rear hinge fossil), (3) Deer Ancient Animal Fossils (fossil joints, foot fossil, fossil vertebrae, ribs fossil, fossil jaw, horn fossil, fossil teeth), (4 ) Fossil Animals Cow (left lower jaw fossil, fossilized lower jaw right), (5) Fossil Land (fossil black ash, brown ash, and black), (6) Fossil Wood, (7) Fossil Leaves, (8) Fossil Teeth Fish, (9) Fossil Fish Scales, (10) Deposit Shells, (11) Shells, (12) Fossil Turtles Antique.

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