Building Bargaining Linggarjati

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A brief history of Building Linggajati Negotiations are as follows. At the beginning of 1918 this building is a building owned by Mrs. Jasitem. Nation in 1921 by a Dutchman named Mr. Tersana changed into semi-permanent. Built in 1930 and became a permanent residential buildings Dutchman named Van Oot Dome. Then in 1935 contracted by Heiker and made hotel named Rustoord. During the Japanese occupation of this hotel was renamed Hokay Ryokan. In 1945 right after the Proclamation of Independence, the hotel is named Hotel independence. In 1946 the hotel was used as a place independent of negotiations between the Government of Indonesia denganPemeintah Dutch who then produce Manuscript Linggarjati, because the negotiations were very important then this building called the House Linggarjati. Sometimes called the House Manuscript Linggarjati but not appropriate because the script compiled and stored elsewhere, namely in Jakarta and Amsterdam. Years 1948-1950 when the military action II soldiers, this building used as headquarters of the Dutch army. Year 1950-1975 is occupied by the School District Linggajati basis. At this time berfiungsi the building as a museum.
Negotiations Linggajati astronomically Building located at coordinates 06 ° 52'7 "latitude and 108 º 28'9" East. Negotiations Linggajati building has an area of ​​500 m2 and has an extensive page about 2.5 ha. The whole area is bounded by a fence building. Outer wall of the bottom of the fence, surrounding the building was closed with a slab of black stone. At the entrance to the courtroom there is a building that protrudes toward the street roofed tiles. The entrance to the room or court room has two doors with material from the glass. On either side of these doors are closed window glass.
Part courtroom berdenah rectangles. In the room there are tables and chairs nini used as a place of negotiation. In the north wall of the courtroom there is the entrance to the alley or hallway. Measuring 1.50 m alley and serves as liaison rooms. The entrance room has a grille with a rhombus motif. In the north this courtroom there are 4 bedrooms, one room is used for Prof.. Schemerhon. West side of the courtroom there is a door out into the courtyard of this building. The kitchen is placed in the south of the courtroom, while again there is some room behind the kitchen and to achieve it through the alley.

Coordinates: 06 ° 52'7 "S, 108 º 28'9" E 
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