Japanese Cave In Pananjung

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Japanese Cave is situated in conservation areas pananjung Pangandaran with coordinates 7 ° 42.336 'S 108 ° 39.379' E, War of the Pacific or East Asia War feast occurred on December 8, 1941, the Air Force began a surprise attack Dai Nippon (Japan) to a naval port United States at Pearl Harbor (Hawaii).
On March 18, 1941 Dai Nippon army occupied the whole island of Java and Madura and the Dutch (allied) armies surrendered unconditionally to Dai Nippon.
Delivery of the colony carried on kalijati - Subang by Lieutenant General H. Ter Poorten on behalf of all allies in the Indonesian army to Lieutenant-General Hitoshi Imamora on behalf of the Japanese empire.
Japanese Caves in this area was made during the Second World War period (1941 - 1945) by using forced labor for about 1 year.
Japanese cave is made of concrete wall that buried in the earth as a bastion of the hole - hole spies into the sea to watch the landing by the allies.

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