Lana Cave In Pananjung

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Lana Cave is located within pananjung Pangandaran nature reserve with the coordinates of 7 ° 42.442 'S 108 ° 39.508' E, which had once been a palace of the Kingdom of Lana Cave Pananjung with a king named Prabu Anggalarang and Siti Dewi Permaesurinya Samboja known as the Goddess Rengganis assisted by Patih Aria Pananjung roe.
Raden Anggalarang is the son of a king King Haur Yellow Galuh Pangauban kingdom centered in Pananjung Putrapinggang later founded the kingdom of his own accord, although his father had been warned by reason will not prevail because the cartilage disorder of the Bajo (pirates), Raden Anggalarang remain at its founding because Pananjung area is a suitable place for him to establish a center of government.
Anggalarang King was a man - a handsome and powerful man, so nicknamed "The Lana" and the cave is a place of residence is called "Lana Cave. "

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