Angeun Tahu

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Making way:
Tofu and bean sprouts washed first. Know then
sliced​​, fried medium rare. Seasoning
finely ground and then fried in slices
onions, after being cooked tofu and bean sprouts input,
given the coconut milk and other seasonings,
allow it to mature
As vegetables are eaten at lunch
or dinner. Tofu is rich with
protein content, and the mineral calcium. In 100
g know there are: calories 68 kcal, protein 7.8 g, fat
4.6 g, carbohydrates 1.6 g, calcium 124 mg. Know
contains essential amino acids complete enough
are usually found in eggs, meat, and fish.
Therefore, knowing the high protein and acid

essential amino acids that are good for vegetarians. 

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