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Making way:
1. How to Make cendol: Sift flour and powdered sugar. Add warm water and stir well.
2. For the dough into 3 parts, each with different dyes give the dough. Mix well. Pipihkan cendok dough, fill it with raisins. Spherical shape,
3. Boil water, insert cendol. Cook until cendol floats, remove from heat. Cendol Serve with hot ginger water.
Materials - Materials cendol
1. Glutinous rice flour 2 tablespoons
2. 1 tsp powdered sugar
3. 3 tablespoons warm water
4. 3 tablespoons raisins
5. Green food coloring, red and yellow to taste
Ubar hanaang (removes thirst and

satisfying pleasure.) 

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