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King Geusan Ulun Museum Complex is located at Regency Hall is located in downtown Sumedang Sumedang. This complex Sumedang since its founding in 1705 until now serves as the county seat Sumedang. Complex in which there is sized buildings covering an area of ​​1.8 ha and is surrounded by walls as high as three meters. Inside the complex there are buildings that are old enough, ie Srimangati Building built in 1706, Earth Building Kaler (1850), and Building Gendeng (1850). In addition, there are three relatively new gedunglainnya, namely Building Gamelan (1973), Heritage House (1990), and Building Paksi Dragon Train (1996).
Museum occupies the building Srimanganti. This building was built in 1706 by the Regent Duke of Tanumaja Dalem who moved downtown from Tegal regency of Bats to this place. Srimanganti building a permanent building walled wall. Storey high with a surface of the tiles and on the back porch of the building found the existence of the poles supporting the wooden floor. The windows were large enough to form rectangular and curved or curve. The doors large enough and at the top of the vent doors are filled with floral decoration. Also included is a sturdy building poles.
Building Srimanganti initially serve as the official residence of the regent and his family. In 1950 samapai with 1982 used as Sumedang District Government Offices. In 1982 and restored after restoration work as a museum by the name of King Geusan Ulun Museum. Inside the museum there are collections of, among other Kalantaka cannon, a relic of the Company in 1656, which is a relic gamelan Panglipur Rangga Prince Gede (1625-1633), gamelan Pangasih heritage Kornel Prince (1791-1828), and the relics of Prince Arum Sari Gamelan Sugih (1836 - 1882). In addition there are also other collections such as Prince Kornel bed and the clothes of the past greatness of regents.

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