Dage Tahu

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Making way:
Soy beans cleaned and then boiled, after
It rolled, pounded with a little water mixed
by little. Nuts that have been pounded earlier
then boiled again until cooked and given
salt to taste. After boiling, filtered,
the waste is called Dage know. The water is incorporated into
in the mold to be made out.
Dage know can be processed in two ways: fried
and roasted (dipais).
As a substitute for side dishes at breakfast,
lunch, and dinner. Nutrient content
contained in these foods is a calorie, carbohydrate,
fat, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins - vitamins (A,
B1, B3, B5, B6, B12, Bc, C, E, F, and K),
minerals - minerals (iron, boron, covalt, phosphorus, potassium,
calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc), and water.


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