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Making way:
Black beans are washed thoroughly, then
dried. After that digodog for one night,
preformance in the arena. Then removed and dikeringka.
Then dried for three times that made ​​oncom
thick and united, stored for one week,
then dried again and then discarded mushrooms digodog
Ladi with salt. After that enter into
barrel made ​​of wood, stored for one
weeks, and dried again. Then digodog back with brown sugar for one day then
cooled and filtered. The waste is called hampas
soy sauce, can be used as side dishes - dishes flavored
cook to taste. When where the ketchup is cold,
then inserted into the soy sauce bottle.
While the sauce is almost gegendeknya
frozen, can also be used as a condiment
complement friend rice at mealtimes.
As a side dish - rice dishes complement the Friends
meals morning, noon and night, and could

as a spice in cooking. 

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