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Making way:
Rice is washed, then given a salt and water lettuce or lime
betel-intensive, mixed well and then drained, after
Tiu incorporated into the wrapping of the diamond
coconut leaves woven with a particular shape.
Forms - This form has its own name,
Kupat salamet example, Kupat keupeul and
etc., boiled with water
already mixed ash broom until cooked pare
(Approximately 7-8 hours).
As a substitute for rice.
Nutrient / fruit: 237.3 kcal of energy, protein
2.8 g, fat 0.1 g, carbohydrates 54.1 g, calcium 6.7 mg,

phosphorus 29.3 mg, 0.7 mg iron, and zinc 0.8 mg. 

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