SMA Negeri 3 and 5

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High School (SMA) and 5 Negeri 3 Bandung was designed by a Dutch architect, CP Schoemaker in 1916 the Government of the Netherlands East Indies. Condition of well-maintained school and is now under the management of the Education Office of West Java Province. School stood on the land area of ​​14,240 m², with an area of ​​8220 m², and is geographically located at coordinates 107 º 61'494 "longitude and 06 º 91'210" LS. The school is located in an office environment with the TNI limits to the south of the Office of Military Cooperation (KODAM III), east of Road Island, and on the west Jalan Borneo and the direction the building faces north, Road Islands. To achieve this relatively easily by using a personal vehicle (wheels 4 or 2) or ride public transportation (public transportation) that passes through the area is relatively large.
This school became a favorite and prestigious schools in the city of Bandung, since the first function remains the same for school buildings and the late Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX was studying here. This building was used as a school HBS (Hoogere burgerschool) years from 1916 to 1942, In the year 1947 to 1952 the building used by SMA Negeri 1 (SMA B) and school VHO (Hoger Voortgezer Onderwys) led by Buchresen. In the years 1952-1966 is used as a second SMA (SMA B) and SMA 5 (high C), then in 1961 during the day for three Senior High School (SMA B) and SMA 6 (school C). In 1966 up to now used as a building SMU Negeri 3 and SMU Negeri 5 Bandung. The next school building was once also used by SMA Negeri 8, 9, 12, 14, 19 and 20 which have now been transferred to the respective school buildings, but the Japanese colonial period (1942-1945) who want to fight against the allied forces, building used as the headquarters of the Japanese Army (Kompetai).
Building SMU Negeri 3 and 5, located adjacent to the swimming pool during the Dutch East Indies, Tirtamerta / Baths Centrum (1920), can be used as one of the destinations and European architectural study materials (the Netherlands) for the student / students, as well as its strategic location in the middle Bandung city and can be easily reached.

Location: Belitung No. Way. 8
Coordinates: 06 º 91'210 "S, 107 º 61'494" E
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