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Museum Pos Indonesia is located in the Sate House, but the administrative building is located on Road No. Cilaki. 73, Village Cihapit, Bandung District Wetan. Geographically, Indonesia Postal Museum is at coordinates 107 º 37'07, 9 "longitude and 06 º 54'05, 4" LS, and around the building now has a lot of standing office buildings, residential, and shopping. To achieve this relatively easily by road in good condition, using a personal vehicle wheel 4 or 2 or ride public transportation (bus / public transportation) that passes through the area is relatively large.

The museum was built during the Dutch East Indies on July 27, 1920 with the name of the Museum of Post, Telegraph and Telephone (PTT) and opened in 1931. On June 19, 1995 the Museum was renamed the Museum of Post and Giro tailored to companies that handle it. At the time the Company changed its name to PT Pos Indonesia then there were also changes the name of the museum is a museum Pos Indonesia. Museum has an area of ​​700 m² building, and standing upright on a land area of ​​± 706 m² of land. Museum building was built by Ir. J. Berger Landsgebouwdienst style of Italian Renaissance architecture.
At the time of revolution and war of independence, the existence of this museum does not receive attention as it should, even almost forgotten. Then the new date of December 18, 1980 Board of Directors of Housing Post and Giro form the Preparatory Committee for Establishment of the Museum of Post and Giro to revive the museum. Menginggat large collection of stamps, photographs, postal equipment of historical value that needs to be known by the public and the museum as a means of education, information and recreation for the younger generation in the present and future. The main task of these committees is to conduct an inventory and collection of historic objects that should be used as a museum collection. On 27 September 1983 in conjunction with day service Postel 38th museum was officially opened by Minister of Tourism, Post and Telecommunications Acmad Tahir and was named the Museum of Post and Giro, as a museum to the public.
Museum of Post and Giro in West Java, is the only museum collection of stamps that are no longer limited to the stamps from various countries, but has been equipped with postage historic. Museum of Post and Giro could be developed as a cultural tourist attraction, but especially the philately (stamp collecting hobby people) or people who want to improve insight into the history of stamps.
Location: Jalan Asia Afrika No.. 49, Kelurahan Braga, Bandung District of Wells
Coordinates: 06 º 55'15, 0 "S, 107 º 36'22, 4" E
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