Pais Lauk

29-03-2012 West Java 26117 viewed


Making way:
Fish cleaned, discarded entrails and scales,
seasoning all cleaned and trimmed - sliced​​, except
salt and bay leaves. Fish stored in the leaves
bananas, sprinkled with seasonings - spices last until
average. Wrapped in banana leaves in a way
such that the closed meeting and not
As a complementary side dishes to eat rice.
Nutrient / recipes that are used: energy
209.7 kcal, 15.2 g protein, 11.3 g fat, carbohydrate11.8 g, 686 mg calcium, phosphorus 530 mg, 6.1 mg iron, 10 RE vitamin A, vitamin B1 0.13 mg, and water 57.5 g. 

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