Pais Oncom

29-03-2012 West Java 26143 viewed


Making way:
Until finely ground spices except basil leaves,
sliced ​​green chillies and bay leaves, then input
oncom, pounded together - together with seasonings.
Then wrapped in banana leaf towards
elongated, both ends were biting. After that,
inserted into the pile of hot ashes in
As side dishes, rice meal supplement.
Nutrient content / serving: Energy 139.8 kcal, protein 12.7
g, fat 3.8 g, carbohydrates 13.7 g, calcium 133 mg,
phosphorus 355 mg, 34.4 mg of iron, vitamin A 0 RE, vitamins

B1 0.08 mg, and water 65 g. 

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