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Building Independence is located at Jalan Asia Afrika No.. 65 Bandung, Village Braga, Bandung District wells. At the coordinates 06 º 55'15, 5 "latitude and 107 º 36'35, 4" BT. Located adjacent to the Museum Building Asia-Africa Conference with the northern boundary: Naripan Road, east: Building Asia-Africa Conference, South: Road and west Africa Asia: Cikapundung. Now the region has become an office area and center of trade, and to achieve it may use a private vehicle wheel 4 or 2 and can use public transportation that is always back and forth through the region of Cicaheum Bus Terminal, Hall Station (Railway Station) or from Bus Terminal Leuwipanjang .
Building Independence, the first named Societiet Concordia, built in 1895 on the initiative of the Dutch pegusaha tea garden owners around Bandung and the Dutch officers. Form of the building, originally a simple to place social activities, recreation and entertainment. The building was renovated in 1920 and 1928 so that a shape like this that give the impression of majestic, rare and unique. Renovation is led by Dutch architect Van Gallen Last and CP. Schromaker Wolff (professor of ITB), with the architectural style with a touch ArtDeco Modernism and the front has pillars supporting a large structure. In 1929 the building was rebuilt, consisting of two buildings called Building Schowberg and Sociteit Concordia.
Years 1942-1945, the Japanese era, the building was used as a cultural center with the name of Dai Toa Kaikan. In the days of the war of independence as the headquarters of the Army of the Republic of Indonesia. In 1954, the building underwent repairs in preparation for implementation of the Asia-Africa Conference (KAA) and 24 April 1955, as the venue for the Asian-African Conference, called Freedom House. The results of the implementation of KAA, the Ten Principles of Bandung and the Non-Aligned movement encouraging for countries in Asia and Africa to become independent states.
Building Independence is often used as a place of commemoration of KAA, in addition to the meetings of national and international such as the Asian-African Conference of Journalists, World Health Organization Conference, and most recently as a meeting place of the NAM in 1974.
This building stands on an area of ​​7983 m², with an area of ​​6500 m² building, located on the square in the city of Bandung with the direction toward the south, namely Africa, Asia road. Current condition of the building is well maintained.

Location: Jalan Asia Afrika No.. 65, Kelurahan Braga, Bandung District of Wells
Coordinates: 06 ° 55'15, 5 "S, 107 º 36'35, 4" E
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