Bank Indonesia

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Bank Indonesia is located in Jalan Braga No. 108, Village Braga, Wells Bandung District, next to City Hall Office of Bandung. Geographically located at coordinates 107 º 61'046 "longitude and 06 º 91'417" LS. Bank Indonesia is now the environment has become an office area and center of trade, and to achieve it can use private vehicles (wheels 4 or 2) or using public transportation (buses, public transportation) is relatively a lot pass through this region.
Bank Indonesia building was formerly named Javanche Bank, built in 1915-1918 by architect Hulswit, Fermont and Ed. Cuypers with Neo Classical style of architecture (Electicism,) which has a beauty with a high tower, so it is easily seen from a distance. The building is more beautiful and chic than similar buildings in Europe. The building has a large role in the formation of urban space is good.
Bank Indonesia can be used as a heritage attraction, because the form of beautiful buildings, stately and symmetrical, and the location of the region with other ancient buildings (Building Indonesia Mengunggat / Landraad, Church of St. Peter's Cathedral, Bethel Church, Bandung City Hall Building, School basic Merdeka, Bandung Mapolwiltabes and so on).

Location: Braga Street No.. 108, Kelurahan Braga, Bandung District of Wells
Coordinates: 06 º 91'417 "S, 107 º 61'046" E
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