Bandung Regency Hall

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Regency Hall is located at Jalan The No. Dalem. 1, Village Balong Gede, District Regol. Geographically located at Latitude Longitude -6.922742 107.60735. Regency Hall was built during Wiranatakusumah Regent II (1810 AD), after selecting and determining the area of ​​the town square located near the roadway next post as a new capital built several facilities as the completeness of a district capital.

Bandung city development consists of elements of traditional and colonial elements. Traditional elements with the construction of the plaza, government center building or hall, the Great Mosque, the market is built on the northwest alu-square. The core of the city of Bandung Regency Bandung is building a community called the Hall of Bandung. Pavilion is a traditional Javanese architecture building, roofed joglo overlap of three, was originally built of wood and thatched roofed, and in 1850 replaced the walls and roof tiles. South side of the pavilion was built in 1867. Hall complex was restored in 1993, as the official residence of the Regent Jakarta.
Tata Bandung still follow the traditional common pattern prevailing in Indonesia in general, although elements of the colonial city of Bandung has colored face. Urban planning which impact on the direction or orientation toward government center or core of the Bandung City hall is affected by the alignment of business on the environment. Direction toward the pavilion to the north of the city of Bandung as a tribute to the mountains (Mount Sunda, Mount Tangkuban Boat) is also closely related to the continuity view of human life that has been going on since prehistoric times, which is about the sanctity of the mountain.
Regency Hall is now the region has become a regional center for trade and human settlements are very dense and crowded. Towards the pavilion can use a private vehicle wheel 4 or 2 and can use public transportation that is always back and forth through the area. So if used as a tourist attraction will be smooth in terms of transportation, but for the convenience of visitors is inadequate because the environment has been very busy and crowded by merchants who thronged around the area towards the pavilion.


Location: Jalan Dalem The No.. 1, Village Balong Gede, Kecamatan Regol
Coordinates: 6 ° 55 '22 "S, 107 ° 36' 26" E
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