Soto Bandung

28-04-2016 West Java 26157 viewed


Making way:
Tender braised meat, put sliced ​​radishes
round shaped with a green onion that has been
thinly - sliced​​. Then enter the pepper that has been
pulverized, garlic and salt, plus a little sugar.
As a vegetable, served with soy sauce, spiked with
fried onions, fried beans, and celery.
Nutrient / serving: Energy 135.0 kcal, protein
2.5 g, fat 8.8 g, carbohydrates 11.5 g, 222.0 mg
calcium, phosphorus 72.0 mg, 1.9 mg iron, Vitamin A 21.0 RE, and water 75.9 mg. 


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