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Making way:
Brewed rice flour with hot water, then
stirred together - together with grated coconut until
slightly thickened. Combine salt (for surabi
salt) and brown sugar (for sweet surabi). After
mature enough dough, then printed into the
surabi mold and baked in a special stove,
after being cooked and then removed. To print
next surabi the mold cleaned
way using a bundle of broom swept pare.
As a small meal for breakfast,
served on banana leaves.
Nutrients: energy 450 kcal, protein 6.27 g,
fat 34.0 g, carbohydrates 35.6 g, calcium 22.7 mg,
phosphorus 83.7 mg, 2.36 mg Fe, 2.5 RE vitamin A, vitamin B1 0.053 mg, and vitamin C 2.70 mg. 

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