Gending Karesmen

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Enjoy the strains gending Karesmen. This art was pioneered since 1927 by R. Memed Kartabrata. Gending Karesmen is a blend of several elements of art, such as literary art, a form of story or play script in the form of lyrical prose, the literary works that can be expressed through song. The dialogue of the players on stage gising Karesmen delivered with a song (have now).
You will listen to the theme and story content gising Karesmen usually taken from the story of Sunda rhymes, legends, or sanctioned events in the community Tatar Sunda, including monkey Kasarung, Mundinglaya Dikusumah, Sangkuriang, and Nyi Pohaci Sanghiyang Sri.
But there is also a fully gising Karesmen berkawih Sundanese, which is the work of H. Koko Koswara / Mang Koko, the songs and lyrics were created yourself. In his work, Mang Koko always include elements of humor, so nice to be watched or listened to and certainly does not saturate, good for the viewers, listeners and for the players themselves. Mang Koko creation of which the King Jimbul Jeung Si Kabayan, Nyai Darsimah and Prince Jayakarta.
You will see waditra used in gising Karesmen is harp zither or harp parahu (DAMAS ovaries), flute or fiddle, and drums goong. However, the device can also be used as a complete waditra gamelan gamelan gamelan or salendro, as well as gamelan pelog.
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