Sendratari Ramayana

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Ramayana has a journey with the beginning is quite interesting. In 1983, a joint Arts Cultural Foundation World Wide from London came to Jakarta to look for art material to carry around in the UK. Two arts organizations visited the Foundation for Art Gandamekar and Cultural Support Project, which is displayed on his visit Mask Ramayana Ballet handiwork R. Nugraha Soediredja. In addition also included a short art materials, such as Harp Flute, Disabled, Dance Release and puppet show. It turned out that strangers are lured by all that is displayed. The visit was carried out for two weeks and visited the site with a one-time performances and lectures in several demonstrations and workshops and was also recorded by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London.
Furthermore Mask Ramayana Ballet is preserved with the help of the University of Pasundan. Mask Ramayana Ballet was staged at the Museum of Sri Baduga Bandung twice to welcome tourists in 1989.
Respectively, footage Mask Ramayana Ballet staged over two years for the Appreciation of Art for students, from years 1993-1995. Last ballet was staged at the Auditorium Anniversary Unpad Hardja Somantri Padjadjaran in 2008, with Yuli Sunarya coach, a disciple of R. Nugraha Soediredja, and the dancers are members LISES Unpad.
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