Tari Wayang

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Among the many art or dance that exist in West Java, dance puppet is one of them. At first the art of dance puppet show Puppet People, which is a form of theater where the staging area and modern theater perlengkapannnya've been following the West. For example, acting in the form of proscenium (one direction) and using the front screen, rear screen and a min (baffle side). Then the stage was also using the settings that are behind screens or screen sampingyang illustrated and adapted to the story and using spatial light
and sound like a modern stage West.
The story is staged in the arts is the story of Wayang puppet, but played by the cast who must master the puppet dance, the cast votes must be adjusted to the role of puppet diperankannya. Each character puppet has its own benchmark of style speech and motion. And this shall be in accordance with certain tones, so it is not easy to be a player people puppets. Puppet Players person must be good at dancing and has the repertory puppet movement for the completeness of its role.
Along with the turn of the months and days, the cultivators of the arts Wayang then mengkemas in the form of dance. Puppet dance heyday during the end of the Japanese occupation. At that time, many emerging arts association that teaches dance puppet man puppet. Currently there are several areas in West Java, which still preserve the puppet dance, among others Bogor, Garut, Sumedang, and Bandung. Each specific area of ​​motion mempunyaimotif.
Usually the puppet dance performed by men and women. Dance is always motivated by an event with characters of different character. Based on the presentation, dance puppet grouped into several sections, among others:
- Dance Single
- Dance Pairwise,
- Dance Bulk.
The character of a dance can be viewed from various aspects of supporting the realization of a dance in between, the movement brought, makeup, fashion and gising retinue. And her character also has a level or a different type of character, for example Satria lungguh to figure Arjuna, Abhimanyu. Satria ladak lungguh to figure Arayana, Nakul and Sahadev. While the characters dance a woman, the daughter lungguh to figure Subhadra, and Arimbi, and daughter ladak to figure Heroine.
In every dance, musical accompaniment is a unity that can not be separated. Similarly, the puppet dance, music or so-called gising or karawitan very important role especially for affirming movement, host of the atmosphere, the supporting character expression characterizations. Tools Gending or musicians who used the same tool that used to accompany dance Keurseus.

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