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Bank Mandiri is located in the old town which is located in the plaza south of Bandung. Bank Building, adjacent to the General Post Office Road, but separated by Banceuy. Now the region has become an office area and commercial center. To achieve it can use a personal vehicle wheel 4 or 2 and can use public transportation (bus / public transportation), which always passes through the region of Cicaheum Bus Terminal, Hall Station (Railway Station) or from Bus Terminal Leuwipanjang.
This building was built in 1915 by renowned Dutch architect, R. L. A. Schoemaker has a distinctive architectural style, namely neo-classical (ArtDeco ornamental) are rare and unique ornament to decorate the building. Bank building is the extent of 1212 m² and stands on a land area of ​​8432 m². Originally built as Escomplo Bank, then as the Office of PT. (Limited) Bank Dagang Negara and the date of October 2, 1998 as Bank Mandiri (Bank joint Earth Power, Bank Dagang Negara, Bank Exim, and Bank Bapindo). Condition of the building well maintained and no change in the physical building and attempted authenticity retained its shape.
The building is located at the corner of the intersection of Jalan Asia Afrika, Banceuy Road, and Jalan Masjid Agung. The position of the building is located not far from the highway and has an entrance on the corner of the building. The building has a clock tower that serves as an attention catcher (vocal point) and to characterize the building situated on the corner. Direction toward the building to the south-west, ie to Jl. Asia Africa and Jl. Banceuy.
Bank Mandiri is located on Jalan Asia Afrika No., 51, Village Braga, Bandung District wells. Geographically located at the coordinates 06 º 55'16, 4 "latitude and 107 º 36'27, 5" BT, can serve as a cultural attraction of being close view of the ancient buildings around the area of ​​the square. In addition as a center of banking services to the community, then relatively little known of its existence. In addition the location of the building, located in downtown and it is feared in case of urban development.

Location: Jalan Asia Afrika No., 51, Kelurahan Braga, Bandung District of Wells
Coordinates: 06 º 55'16, 4 "S, 107 º 36'27, 5" E
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