Tari Sampiung

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Watch Sampiung Dance ceremony which was shown as the completeness of important days like Seren Taun, the Feast of Harvest, Ngaruat, Rebo Wekasan, even on state highways such as the Independence Anniversary celebrations. The origin of the name Dance Sampiung because the accompanying song titled Sampiung. Sometimes called Dance Ngekngek, because waditra retinue is Tarawangsa (Stringed instrument, such as the fiddle) is commonly called Ngekngek. Some people call it Dance Jentreng, because one is Jentreng waditra retinue, DAMAS is a stringed instrument with a small size, which is also commonly borrowed its name for the name of the dance shown.
You can enjoy this Sampiung dance in an enclosed space, such as in homes that have a large room, in the bale or pavilion. In front of the musicians are placed offerings and incense, and offerings in front of the arena to dance, with dancers and drummers sitting around waiting for their turn to dance offerings.
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