Dance Creation Nugraha Sudiredja

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R. Nugraha Soediredja is an aspirant art sunda-rounder. He was born in Garut dated May 15, 1918, he was his education in Garut, then proceed to Ambacht School (engineering) in Bandung. Since school age he had known Karawitan Sunda, because parents have a full gamelan.
On 1 June 1954 he endorsed as a Sundanese Dance Teacher, as well as the right to develop dance Keurseus of Wirahmasari Center, 1955, he founded his own dance studio with the blessing R. Sambas Wirakoesoemah, named Wirahma Sari Sunda, Bandung. The goal is nothing else to develop the Sundanese dance, both of which he had learned while in Garut and dances learned in Wirahmasari Center, as well as his dance works.
Puppet People is the first work of newborn Tutuka, who tutored by R. W. Sambas, which dipagelarkan by DAMAS. He learned of the Cirebon mask dance Bi Dasih. From the results of this study, produces three character of the mask dance and the work he and the other is a dance Rarangganis Narantika, Kartika Puspa, Puragabaya. He has the peculiarity of dance works, which is like the movement strong, fast and dynamic
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