Batik Garut

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It has long been known as batik artisans Garut. Batik Garutan got a pretty prestigious place for fans or collectors of batik cloth. Garutan batik motifs generally present decorative flat, geometric forms. These geometric forms leads diagonally, form kawung, or lozenges. There are also motives that take the pattern of other forms of flora and fauna.
Garut motif form a reflection of social and cultural life, philosophy of life, and customs of the Sundanese. Some Batik Garut visually embodiment can be described through the motifs and colors
There are several types of batik, known as a typical property Garut regency. Motives include Rereng Peuteuy, Rereng Flower Horn, Rereng ngibing Peacock, Rereng Pacul, and Limar. In addition, there are also adumanis slope, slope suuk, calung slope, slope leaves, short-sighted Mangosteen, booths, and a broom universe.
Colors are bright and full on the other hand, is characteristic of batik Garutan. Dominated primary color beige or ivory (gadingan), blue and red rather soga.

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