Batik Ciamis

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Ciamis has a tradition handed down in history
batik craft. Some call it already exists
since the Kingdom Galuh victorious. But,
certainly, this has been going on
since several centuries ago.
Batik Ciamis has character and style batik
different with batik Garut and Tasik. Batik
ciamisan perform a simple but dignified.
This simplicity is not separated from the history of its existence
which influenced many other areas, such as
coastal ornament from Indramayu and Cirebon.
In addition, the influence of batik nonpesisiran, such as
of Solo and Yogyakarta, no less dominant.
The influence of coastal areas and nonpesisir
which combined with the values ​​of Sundanese culture
and social lives of everyday people
Ciamis bear motif variety ciamisan
that fits the style and tastes of society
local, unpretentious but elegant.
As a result, has no style batik ciamisan
philosophical meaning, symbol, sacred values​​, or
indicate a certain social status. Creation
decorative motifs or more emphasized his batik
the expression of simplicity to meet
clothing needs of the community. Simplicity
was contained in the forms that inspired
from nearby natural and daily occurrence
Batik motifs in regions include rereng Ciamis
lasem, machetes torn, rereng Seno, rereng sintung
Ageung, coffee breaks, lepaan, machetes rereng damaged,
adu rereng sweet, kumeli, machetes rereng alit, rereng
useup, rereng beard, rereng peuteuy papangkah

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