Batik Tasikmalaya

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Recognize the three motifs Batik Tasikmalaya, namely Sukapura Batik, Batik Sawoan, and Batik Tasik. You will be able to discern that the face resembles Sukapura Batik Madura batik with contrasting decorative motifs in size and color. Sawoan batik is batik, which is dominated by a brown color like dark brown fruit plus color indigo and white ornaments, like Batik Solo. While Batik Tasik have characteristic colors that are bright because of the influence of coastal batik. Tasikmalaya batik motif is very thick with the feel of Parahyangan, such as orchids and birds. There was also the motive-ngibing Peacock, Cala-Culu, Banana-Bali, Sapujagat, and Awi Ngarambat. Batik Tasik has its own specificity, which is patterned nature, flora, and fauna. Batik Tasik almost identical to Batik Garut, just different from the color lighter.
In addition to the types above, you will find a thousand and one other Tasikmalaya batik motifs, such as roots, antanan, balimbing, setting the stone jars, lancah tasik, awi ngarambat, sente, rereng leaves peuteuy papangkah, tsunamis udey, peacock, calaculu, Gunung Kawi , kadaka, slow side, lancah purple airplane, rereng orlet, renfiel, rereng sintung, manuk rereng peutey Selong, manuk background scales, background haremis peacock, peacock ngibing, machetes, sidomukti umbrella, sisit dragon, taleus Talbot, and turih-wajit-Limar.
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